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Eurest Russia

The first staff canteen in Russia was opened more than 7 years ago. Today EUREST provides more than 15 000 business lunches per day.

Following principles are in the base of our business in Russia:

  • We always draw on the EUREST's international experience

In plenty of countries EUREST is a leader in Business and Industry foodservice market. So we have the possibility to draw on EUREST's international experience with adapting it to the Russian market.

  • We concentrate our efforts on sanitary and hygienic standarts observing

As a member of the Compass Group, which has a determining role in international public catering worldwide, Eurest aims to become the definition of quality in Russian foodservice market.

  • We always think of client's individuality

EUREST aims is to be caring flexible passionate innovative partner.

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20 Kulakova str., bldg. 1L, Moscow, Russia, 123592 Phone: +7 (495) 781-7565 (Moscow) +7(812) 313 2128 (St.Petersburg)